About Us

Our Mission:

The You Can Spare 5 charity works to improve the lives of veterans in need.The premise being that those who are fortunate have at least 5 dollars to spare in order to help make the world a better place for our country’s heroes.

A Statement From The President of You Can Spare 5, Reece Prue:

“In 2013, I was trying to come up with a great way to make a difference in my community. I was looking through a list of all the charities close to me when I realized that I would have to take a different route in my charity efforts. My major goal in life is to become an officer in the United States Navy, and as such, I knew I needed to serve my community in a way that would provide me leadership experience that could assist me in being the best officer I could be. It was clear to me that I needed to start my own charity and guide it towards success.

Once I knew I needed to make a charity, I thought about what cause I would be working towards. One that really stuck out to me was assisting military veterans in need. I know several veterans who have told me many stories of men and women who have come back from war only to find themselves in harsh circumstances. Although these brave heroes put everything on the line to protect America’s freedoms, they weren’t able to come home without having to deal with financial hardships. A great number of wounded veterans are unable to pay for their expensive medical bills and disabilities prevent them from finding any way to do so. People who risk so much for their country shouldn’t have to find themselves in such a position. In order to help alleviate the crisis, these veterans need all the help they can get.

I came up with You Can Spare 5, to meet the gap in aid to veterans. The principle behind You Can Spare 5 is that a majority of Americans have at least 5 dollars that they can donate to help veterans in need. Once Americans come together and work to achieve a goal, there is little that we cannot do. People appreciate everything that soldiers have done for us and I believe that they care enough about them to give some assistance if the opportunity is presented to them. You Can Spare 5 will present this problem to the nation through any means at our disposal and we will ensure that we lend a helping hand. You Can Spare 5 also intends to receive donations from a variety of sources, including through social media outlets, advertisers, charitable foundations and charitable trusts, local and national banks, and local and national retail stores.”